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Cyber Security Challenge Privacy Policy

by SECURITYMADEIN.LU — Published on Oct 26, 2018 - v1

Your trust is important to us, and we take privacy and security very, very seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or our use of data, please get in touch with us

  • via mail:,
  • via telephone: +352 274 00 98 601,
  • or via mailing: Cyber Security Challenge c/o SECURITYMADEIN.LU, 16 Boulevard d'Avranches, L-1160 Luxembourg.
SECURITYMADEIN.LU will act as the data controller of the Cyber Security Challenge website, since we are the ones determining the means and purposes of the prossessing activities.

We will never share your information with parties outside SECURITYMADEIN.LU, unless we have explicitly made you aware that we will before you give it to us.


Cyber Security Challenge website does NOT use any Web analytics systems.


When you are surfing our website, we might collect and process web server logs, including IP addresses, user-agents, URLs, date and time logs. We collect those logs for our legitimate interest as these logs enable the security of our website.

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We might host some links towards third parties websites. Accessing the resources through those links implies your acceptance of their own privacy policies. At least be aware that we cannot be held responsible for what other people do online on their own websites.

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